Monument to the Princess Olga

The monument was opened on September 10, 2016 in the Greek city of Thessaloniki within the framework of the cross-cultural year between Russia and Greece and the 165th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian Princess Olga. The marriage of Olga Konstantinovna Romanova to the Greek King George I in 1867 was an important historic step in strengthening diplomatic relations between the two countries. Olga, the Queen of Greece, became known for her broad charitable activities, for which she was recognized by the subjects who called her the «Queen of the Hellenes».

The monument conveys the portrait image of the princess recreated from the remaining photographs, while the plinth reliefs remind about her merits. One of them depicts the Acropolis of Athens with Olympic rings. This image decorated the first medals of the Olympic Games, which were revived with the participation of Queen Olga. The other has warships and churches, which speaks of the patronage of Olga Konstantinovna to the sailors and the navy, as well as her active work on the construction of churches and monasteries.